Jesus Cancino is a musician and live-looper. Going by the stage/project name of Canzino and residing in Vancouver,BC. This is a different presentation of Progressive and Electro-Rock. See him balance technology while playing and singing genre-bending melodies on his guitar and devices.

""Zeus has been playing music for half of his life. His father, after noting the uncontrollable energy he had when it came to playing instruments, put him in classical guitar lessons at the age of 12. His songs are packed with heavy guitar, unpredictably enchanting melodies, illustrative vocals, and are all-around full of energy and emotion.

If you are interested in exploring and pushing the boundaries of genre, sound, and performance, Canzino is definitely someone to check out. He has a refreshing approach to music that is forward thinking and open to possibilities. He clearly follows his own wise words: “Learn the rules first, bend them, then play your own game.”

Excerpt  from "Bending the Rules of Music" by Dara Hill

Photographer: Inder Nirwan