Loop Fest + Recording + Happy Holidays!


Hey everyone!

So the North West Loop Fest was pretty amazing!  Much thanks to Noah Peterson  Entertainment for setting it all up and inviting me to showcase my gear and jams. Saw some really great performances/gear that made me super grateful to have found such an awesome community to be a part of. Live looping will always be a work in progress and in saying that I am currently recording a new single.

This song process will be different since I wrote the song strictly for performance. The production to tracks has made me rethink about a song structure, how every song we hear is basically a collection of loops. Weather it be beats or melody, its all just a groovy circle repeating itself which then changes,adds,or subtracts another groovy circle to the mix.When the song is released early next year, I hope it rocks your brain as much as it does for me! 

In closing for this year, I hope you all take the time to sit back from all the holiday madness and reflect on what actually matters to you. Have a safe & happy holiday into 2016! 



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