To Compute or Not to Compute?

That is the question. Transitioning in life can be challenging. Whether it be in yourself, relationships or just fitting in to a new job or city. In my case here, I am currently in a transition of my musical performance/creativity. More so towards the performance side of things. Going on tour made me realize a few things about myself and my music that was not resonating well with me. The transition of the change will be a challenging one but it's something that I will relish. I was always (still am!) a big fan of Sum 41's "Pain for Pleasure".

While I am cooking something new here for you lovely people, please feel free to check out some mixes that I have put together here under my DJ name of Chorizo Enfuego. This name was inspired by this picture below where my friends and I get  together for drunken Lego night's. These mixes should keep you warm until spring time comes around here. Mucho Love!



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