What’s happening?

Hello people!

The last couple of months here have been super busy and exciting!

I had my show @ Lana Lou’s which had some mad visuals by the one and only female storm chaser of Vancouver (Jade Vajna) That was a fun show! And then soon after CiTR contacted me for a last minute battle of the bands called “ShinDig” at Hasting Mills Brewing Co. That was a super fun show as well and the other bands were super awesome.

All while this is happening I have been busy in getting a single out before December hits here.

The song was inspired over a few years of how I speak to my friends. I would always say “hey what’s up mango!?” Or I would say “oh mang …oh” or “lets go mang!” And I would always say that I would make a song about it. I then finally decided to start writing it…in Montreal. I guess you can say I was kinda home sick and this was my way of reconnecting with my friends that I temporarily left in Vancouver.

I am very excited to show you all this song! It contains some audio cameo’s from the people that I mentioned above here and very much a direct representation of my style of music that I enjoy to play live.

If you want to get a sneak peek of the song, tune in to 101.9 FM on Dec 3rd at 6pm PST

Or click here to go to the CITR website.

I will be playing a few tunes there and talking to Myles Black about music on the show called Chaotic Music Meetings!

Talk soon!



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