March 27th @ Falconetti's and La Llorona (new song)

Hello fellow humans! I will be performing a 45 min set @Falconetti's

East Side Grill at 8:15pm on March 27th, 2014

Hope to see you all there! I will also be performing this song that I just finished recording/mixing a last night. "La Llorona" (The Crying woman)This song was inspired from an old tale in Hispanic culture. 

There are many stories about this woman but it is rumored that she still haunts small towns around Mexico,looking for her children. But the main facts about frustration in love, children being drowned and suicide seem to always be in all versions of her story.

A special thanks to Aida Eloisa for breathing life into the crying woman's voice. It was quite the experience in getting this song all together. So sit down and grab a decent pair of headphones and enjoy my story about "La Llorona".

See you @Falconetti's    1812 Commercial Drive