Wrote this song using my 3 loopers (Kp3, Kaossilaotr, & Jamman Stereo) originally and then broke it down into an actual song for this to exist.
Mutations is about how we must embrace change, (The mutation) of natural things to come. Whether it be with ourselves, other people or just situations in life. This song also contains a quote where I originally heard from Todd Henry's TED talk here.
Hope you folks enjoy this song! It's sort of my "bohemian rhapsody" so do not be fooled by how long this song is. 

© 2015

Mixed & Mastered by Jesus C & Nick Tyz @ Nightly Potato Studios

Enjoy this brand new song of mine that I have been working on for almost a year. This song was inspired by how technology affects our everyday lives and that despite how interconnected we are, we're becoming disconnected from our humanity as we stare into our black mirrors (computers, phones, TV's, tablets). The theme of this song highlights the importance of taking the time to disconnect from technology so that we can make the most of our time on this earth by spending more of it "in real life". Check out the lyrics here. So in saying that, please enjoy this new single: I.R.L. (In Real Life) and if it makes you dance, then you should download it.

Produced by Jesus Cancino
Lyrics by Jesus Cancino
Recorded by Jesus Cancino and Nick Tyzio
Mixed and Engineered by Nick Tyzio @ Nightly Potato Studios Vancouver BC
© 2015